My Projects

These are some of my projects:

Editorial Lengua de Trapo


Editorial Turner

  • Translation, from English into Spanish, of the book Cómo crear un ser humano (2020) from the writer Philip Ball. Original title: How to grow a human (William Collins, 2019).

philip ball como crear un ser humano

  • Translation from English into Spanish, together with the translators Miguel Marqués and Eva Duncan, of the book Walter Gropius, La vida del fundador de la Bauhaus (2019) from the writer Fiona MacCarthy. Original title: Walter Gropius: Visionary Founder of the Bauhaus (Faber and Faber Ltd, 2019).


Editorial Geoplaneta

Johan Cruyff

Navona Editorial

  • Readings reports. NAVONA

Literature magazine La gran belleza

  • Translation from Ducht into Spanish of the short story of the Dutch author Joost Oomen, La oca en la Luna (original title: Het eendje op de maan), 2022. Talk about the tanslation of this short story in the literature festival Efímera III in Madrid, March 2022.


CELA (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists)CELA

  • Translation of three short stories from Dutch into Spanish of the writers Simone Atangana Bekono (The Netherlands), Joost Oomen (The Netherlands) and Lotte Lentes (The Netherlands).
  • Reading of a fragment of my translation from Dutch into
    Spanish of the writer Lotte Lentes on the Hay hay-festival-logo-esFestival of Segovia 2018 as part of the CELA project.
  • Book presentation of La arena del desierto, published in Lengua de Trapo, of the author Lotte Lentes (The Netherlands), and reading of a fragment of my translation from Dutch into Spanish; CAPITULO UNO _CHOPERA.indd
    reading of fragments and poem of the author Joost Oomen (The Netherlands) and talk about translation and the CELA project at the international literature festival Capítulo Uno. Madrid, October 2021.
  • Writing in Spanish of a blog entry for the Spanish School of Escuela de Escritores about the experience of one of thelogescuela-web workshops of the CELA project. 

Editorial Froitas

  • La isla rural. Author of the publication based on the idea of rural Majorca before the massive influx of tourism. English version translated by Lauren Moya Ford. German version translated by Birgit van de Sand. Catalan version available (own translation).

Portada jpg


  • Translation from English into Spanish of the bilingual publication Ocean Air (Aire del océano), of the writer Lauren Moya Ford.
  • Ocean air
  • Bilingual reading of Ocean Air and La isla rural both as author and as a translator, together with Lauren Moya Ford, both as author and as a translator, at the bookshop in Madrid of Desperate Literature, in January 2019.
  • Participation at the art book fair of  Libros Mutantes of Madrid in April 2018 and in the self-publishing fair of ¡Hostia un Libro! of Madrid in October 2018, selling these two publications, among other publications from Editorial Froitas.

Google Cultural Instituteinstitut_culturel_google-google_cultural_institute-150x150

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (in cooperation with Boot tekst en taal)

Amsterdam Museum (in cooperation with Boot tekst en taal)

amsterdam museum

Visitmuseum (in cooperation with Ticktranslations)visitm

  • Translation of texts on exhibitions of some museums of Catalonia for its app from Catalan into Spanish.

Het Huis van Alijn Museum


Art Gallery Moisés Pérez de Albéniz

Research platform of the multidisciplinary artist Allan Sekula:Allan Sekula

Poet and writer Carmien Michels

  • Translation of two of her poems from Dutch into Spanish for its projection at the International Poetry Slam of Madrid.
  • Translation from Dutch into Catalan of her poem “Het Begon
    (“Tot va començar“), Superna logo recortadopublished at the biligual poetry magazine from Majorca, Superna, number 11, Spring-Summer 2020.

Poet and writer Simone Atangana Bekono

Writer Rachida Lamrabet

  • Translation of her stage play called Democracy is not a country, from Dutch into Spanish for its performance in a Spanish theatre.

Artist Lauren Moya Ford

Artist Andrea Jarales

Magazine over translation Vasos Comunicanteslogo-vasos-comunicantes-

ABC Mallorca magazine

101bestaddresses    SpringEdition    winter edition

Trois heures Quinze

  • Traslation from French into Spanish of the product descriptions of clothing products for web content for several quality brands.  troisheuresquinzelogo

International Cooperative Alliance (in cooperation with Oncall Europa New_ICA_logoLanguage Services):


Online magazine MO*

Brewery De Bie


  • Translation from French into Spanish for the FAQ of their website.

Poet Joan Gelabert

  • Translation from Catalan into English of the introduction of his poetry book: GELABERT, Joan: Catalan poems. Bilingual edition. Mallorca, Publicacions Illa sobre Mar, 2014

Poet David Troch (poet of the city of Ghent 2014 – 2016)

  • Translation of the poem Gent en ik from Dutch into Spanish and Catalan
  • Recite the poem “Gent en ik” in Spanish on the official video

Quality by Designqbd

  • Translation from Dutch and English into Spanish of its webpage and its blog


travelmyth logo

GrupoGes Gestión Objetiva (in cooperation with Disset Consultors)Logo-Grupo-Ges


  • Translation from English into Spanish of Lesson Plans for the workshops of the NGO
  • Transcription into English of interviews made by the organization

Vincci Capitalvinccicapital - logo

Simile Magazine (University of Ghent, Belgium)

simile magazine

Coupler Medical

  • Translation of user’s manual of laser units from
    couplermedical - logoEnglish into Spanish for medical use.